Municipal and Regional Planning

HCA is dedicated to improving the quality of 
communities and has extensive experience working with municipal and regional planning bodies across Canada and addressing strategic planning and policy issues. The HCA team is well-informed of current economic development planning approaches and issues through participation in local and regional development interest groups/associations and international networks.

Our clients include government agencies, private industry, and community and regional based organizations across Canada.

Some of our more recent projects include:

  • Town of Pickering Land Use Review
  • A consulting project with with City of Thunder Bay to design and develop a Northwestern Ontario/Ontario Food Purchasing Model along with Sarah Megens and Raili Roy
  • An economic impact assessment of snowmobiling in Ontario on behalf of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. 
  • An assessment of the agricultural resource in the Blackwell Marsh area of the City of Sarnia and recommendations for maintaining and improving the resource including near urban agriculture opportunities. 
  • An assessment of small scale / micro farming opportunities in southern Ontario including the development of an agricultural co-operative facility that supports the small farms through the provision of shared production resources, including shared equipment and the services of professional agrologists and horticulturalists. 
  • The development of a strategic plan for Misery Bay (a non working provincial park) located on Manitoulin Island
  • An economic baseline for the Township of Norwich (Oxford County) including an assessment of general socio-economic trends (1996-2006), a competitive analysis, and a SWOT analysis.
  • A three year strategic plan for the Township of Norwich including goals, objectives and a detailed implementation plan that identifies community “champions” for specific initiatives, resource requirements and evaluation measures of success.
  • An economic competitive analysis of the South Central Ontario region and sub-regions on behalf of the South Central Community Futures Development Corp.
  • An assessment of existing travel patterns and mode choice preferences including public transit of two major employers in the City of Guelph through a web based survey of 2,000 employees on behalf of the City of Guelph.
  • A skills inventory and labour market profile for Bruce-Grey Counties using large-scale labour market surveys directed at the population at large, employers in the region, and high school students. The profile was completed on behalf of the Bruce-Grey-Huron-Perth-Georgian Triangle Training Board and Human Resources Skills Development Canada in partnerhisp with the University of Guelph.
  • A strategic review of the Agricultural Component for the Town of Markham, Policy and Research Division.
  • A land use policy for agriculture and rural land use on urban fringe areas for the Town of Amherst and County of Cumberland, Nova Scotia.
  • An assessment of the economics of clay brick production in the Greater Toronto Area on behalf of the City of Brampton.


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Available projects for download 

2003 Markham Agriculture Strategy
2003 Waterloo Food Economy and Agri Impact
2004 Huron Perth Skills Inventory and Community Mapping
2005 Bruce Grey Skills Inventory Present and Future
2005 Waterloo Food Flow Study
2008 Norwich Township Competitive Analysis Report
2008 Norwich Township Economic Baseline Report
2008 Norwich Township SWOT Analysis Report
2010 Friends of Misery Bay Strategic Plan
2010 City of Sarnia - Blackwell Marsh Agriculture Study
2011 Huron Perth Healthcare Human Resources Study
2011 Wellington Waterloo Dufferin Youth Employment Study