Economic Impact Assessment

Our experience in economic impact assessment extends back to 1998 when we developed a methodology for conducting agricultural impact assessments at the local/regional level. To date HCA has completed agri-economic impacts studies in over 25 counties/districts and surveyed over 2,500 agriculture related businesses. We have also examined the economic impacts of farmers’ markets across Ontario, the aquaculture industry in Northern Ontario, and the tourism sector in Huron County.

The impact studies conducted by HCA provide communities with a better understanding of the reference industry/sector/project and how it relates to the local and wider economy. The research is based on a straight-forward analysis that presents information in an easy to understand format. Results are summarized in clear and concise statements that serve to highlight the importance of the reference industry/sector/project in the local economy. The methodology used by HCA can be generalized to any sector of the economy.

In the case of the agriculture sector, the results of the economic impact studies have been used effectively to heighten the profile of agriculture at the local and provincial level which have been particularly relevant in the wake of municipal restructuring and the consolidation of rural townships.

Our economic impact assessment services include:
  • Impact Assessment Design and Method Development
  • Socio-demographic Analysis and Profile
  • Industry Sector Analysis and Profile
  • Surveys and Focus Groups (businesses, consumers, stakeholders)
  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sector Linkage Mapping
  • Assessment of Direct, Indirect, and Induced Economic Impacts (jobs and sales) and Multipliers
  • Comparison with Other Relevant Economic Impact Assessments
  • Peer Review
  • Ontario Municipal Board Representation / Expert Testimony

Here are a few sample projects:

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