Aboriginal Communities

HCA’s work is guided by a commitment to support Aboriginal communities and people to define, plan for and achieve their own vision for a healthy community. HCA works directly with Aboriginal communities and organizations and incorporates local knowledge and skills in identifying needs and priorities.



Some of our more recent projects include:
  • An evaluation of Youth In Action-Credit to New Credit program.
  • A 5-year evaluation on the Community Health Plan of Kahnawake, a Mohawk First Nation in Quebec.
  • An evaluation of the Yukon Research Centre (YRC) and their activities from 2013-2017.
  • An evaluation of Right To Play’s Promoting Life-skills in Aboriginal Youth (PLAY) Program where HCA conducted qualitative site visits to six First Nation’s communities across Ontario and British Columbia and worked with RTP Canada staff to do an in-depth analysis of their national participant and community mentor surveys.
  • An evaluation of the Nunavik Kite-Ski Program for the Kativik Regional Government.
  • An evaluation of Team Nunavik-Quebec at the Arctic Winter Games.
  • An independent Evaluation of NWT Water Stewardship Strategy Implementation.
  • An evaluation of two Kativik Regional Police Force programs- Prevention Program & Cadet Program. Both programs aim to increase the awareness of public safety issues, increase the awareness of the role of KRPF and ultimately decrease crime rates in Nunavik.
  • An evaluation of the SMART Karate Program on behalf of the Kativik Regional Government’s Recreation Department. The SMART Karate Program provides technical and theoretical martial arts instruction to young adults while provide emotional and physical skills. The program also aims to promote positive and healthy life skills.
  • The Ivirtivik Centre South Project Evaluation for RQuODE. The Ivirtivik Project is an employability and skills development initiative for Inuit 18 years and older with multiple barriers to employment. The project embraces the vision of helping participants to connect to the community through concrete activities that combine their values, talents and preferences.
  • A program evaluation of the Kativik Regional Government’s CIRQINIQ Program. The program, in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, encourages youth to make positive lifestyle choices, putting to use circus arts to reach out to youth. The program aims to promote education and employment, reduce alcohol and drug abuse, and discourage violence.

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