International Development

HCA has worked on an array of International issues in several countries. Evaluations have been done on food aid projects in Indonesia and Kenya. Our most recent is the evaluation of World Vision Faith and Development project globally. Other recent projects include development and planning assistance in Indonesia, RBM training and advising for Conservation Management in China and Vietnam, and evaluating an integrated community development program in Ethiopia. HCA has worked as an advisor to governments as well as provided leadership and guidance to several development agencies and NGOs including CIDA, UN agencies, CARE, OXFAM and World Vision.

Our most recent projects include:
  • World Vision Embedding Advocacy Assessment (World Vision U.S.A)
  • Impact evaluation of World Vision’s Faith and Development project (World Vision global)
  • Impact evaluation of the School Based Child Protection Program in Sri Lanka (Canadian Red Cross)
  • Evaluation of Savings Group Performance in the Phase of Ebola (World Vision Sierra Leone)
  • Design and implementation of a formative research on children and teachers as agents of change for STBM-UNICEF
  • World Vision CAT III Global Emergency EVD Learning Event Report (World Vision Sierra Leone)
  • Equity Focused Formative Evaluation of UNICEF’s Engagement in the Decentralization Process in Indonesia (UNICEF)
  • An evaluation of the Community-based Home Management of Malaria Project (HMM) in Kenya on behalf of Canadian Red Cross.
  • A Spanish-language training workshop on program evaluation for health professionals in Santiago, Chile in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the participation of the Universidad Católica de Chile and Agencia QUALITAS
  • An evaluation of the role of the Canadian Red Cross as an integrated malaria campaign facilitator and of the systemic strengthening of its national society partners
  • An institutional evaluation of North South Institute (NSI) which included an assessment of NSI’s accomplishments over the last 3-5 years and directions for a new strategic plan.
  • A regional capacity / vulnerability review of Africa and the Americas on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross
  • A pre-assessment study on a agriculture livelihood and capacity development project to be funded by CIDA in West
  • Afghanistan on behalf of World Vision Canada.
  • An evaluation plan and monitoring/reporting system for RIWSAH in Sri Lanka. The RIWASH project is a water, sanitation and hygiene project in Eastern Sri Lanka funded by CIDA.
  • A program evaluation of the SportWorks Program implemented by Right to Play International (RTP) in Azerbaijan
  • Developed and implemented an evaluation plan for Small and Medium Enterprise in Eastern Indonesia (PENSA)
  • Assessed the impact of World Vision’s Micronutrient and Health Program (MICAH) in Ethiopia and Malawi.

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