Professional Development & Workshops 

Learning is acquiring new knowledge!

HCA provides training in all aspects of Evaluation and Monitoring.  Since inception HCA has conducted over 50 customised workshops, offered either to government ministries, NGOs, and the public sector.  





HCA offers a wide range of in-house workshops that can be tailored to meeting the needs of your organization. Please contact us at for more details. Topics available for in-house training include:

        • Survey Design and Analysis for Program Evaluation
        • Evaluation in a Cross Cultural Setting
        • Evaluation 101

Workshops that have been conducted by HCA in the last few years include:

Year    Title of Workshop    City  / Client
2016  Survey Design and Analysis for Program Evaluation Public Offering
Ongoing   Program Evaluation- Distance Education (visit the University's Distance Ed website for offering)  University of Guelph
 2014 Webinar for the Canadian Evaluation Society Canadian Evaluation Society
2014 Testing the Logic in Logic Models & Linking to Theory of Change Canadian Evaluation Society Conference- Ottawa
 2014  Essential Skills- Logic Models (part of the CES essential skills series)  Public Offering- Barrie, Ontario
2013 Testing the Logic in Logic Models Canadian Evaluation Society Conference- Toronto 
2013   Developing a Program Evaluation  Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre
2012 Healthy Community Evaluation & Planning Workshop Public Offering 
2010 A Focus on Focus Groups Canadian Evaluation Society Conference- Victoria, BC
2010 The Evaluation Framework- Assessing & Reporting Outcomes & Impacts Canadian Evaluation Society Conference- Victoria, BC
2009 Measuring Social Return on Investment Ontario Evaluation Society Conference- Toronto
 2009 Program Logic Model and Evaluation Matrix Workshop Toronto Community Housing Corporation
 2009 Evaluation Planning: Program Logic Model & Evaluation Matrix in the Current Context    Canadian Evaluation Society Conference- Ottawa


 Other workshops that HCA offers include:  

    Performance Indicators    Building Evaluation into Your Funding Application & Ongoing Programming
   Client Satisfaction Surveys    Analyzing and Disseminating Data
   Designing & Implementing Evaluation Research      Considerations for the Impact Evaluation
   Program and Project Evaluation    Small Scale Surveys
   Using Graphics in Development Evaluations Workshop    Focusing on Results:  Developing a Better Planning Tool
   Impact and Innovation Workshop    Understanding Program Evaluation
   Improving Program Performance    Building Evaluation Framework
   Economic Impact Assessment Process    Evaluating for Results